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Legend Glass

Legend Glass

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Glass Legends is a flat foot type glass from the Brasserie des Légendes to enjoy your Legends.

Capacity: 33cl


LEGENDS, the youngest range of our brewery (2018), consists of young, dynamic and original beers. However, only one beer from the range will be brewed all year round: LEGENDS Harmony, a sunny beer.

Other ephemeral beers created according to the brewer's wishes will expand the range over time. Surprises and discoveries will be on the agenda in 2022.

This sunny beer is young, dynamic and original. We brew it with 3 aromatic type hops.
The bridgehead of the Legends range, Harmony beer is the only beer destined to remain in this range for the long term.


    • Flavour of malt and fruit with a light touch of citrus.
    • Operating temperature: between 5 and 8°C
    • Color: blonde
    • Aroma: freshness with malt and hops evoking the natural

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