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Goliath glass 33cl

Goliath glass 33cl

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Capacity: 33cl


Goliath Glass is a balloon glass, it's the best way to enjoy your wonderful Goliath!

Whether Blonde, Triple or Amber, the Goliath range comes from the folk festival "La Ducasse" in Ath. This procession features the famous wicker giants, including the famous Goliath, king of the party. These traditional method beers will delight the true beer connoisseur.

The balloon glass has clearly been stolen from the wine world and adapted to the brewing world. The main difference with the chalice is that it is much more enclosed to allow excellent capture of the aromas inside the glass.

It is therefore characterized by a widening at mid-height of the glass and a narrowing at the top. All to form a very rounded silhouette. Its format is ideal for beers to be served in small quantities, at 2/3 of the height, strong beers in alcohol as a result.

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