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Glass Corne 33cl Collector n°1 with stand

Glass Corne 33cl Collector n°1 with stand

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Horn glass 33cl Collector n°1 with stand


The Glass Horn 33cl Collector n°1 is a glass in the shape of a horn and placed on its wooden support. It is a very original glass decorated with the logo of the famous beer made by the Brasserie des Légendes.
Indeed, the horn is the ancestor of the classic beer glass. Our ancestors used bull horns to taste their beers.

Use this Horn glass to savor a delicious Blonde, Triple, Black or Quadruple Horn!

the Corne du Bois des Pendus range has its origins in a legendary story of the Ardennes dating back to 1636. A locality still bears its name in the forest of Anlier between Bastogne and Arlon, in the south from Belgium.

An unusual quartet:

  • A blonde that will amaze you with its sunny color and great bitterness
  • A very fragrant, impressive and easy-drinking Triple
  • A Black dressed in an ultra-powerful black dress
  • A Quadruple that will warm your soul on all winter evenings

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