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Red Ville

Red Ville

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A barbecue in sight?

The new Red Villé is the must-have summer cocktail! It is a cocktail with a subtle blend of Eau de ville, Cranberry juice, lime and mint leaves.
A recipe developed by our master distillers, now in a 1.5 liter bag in box.

What's changing?

  • ECOLOGICAL - goodbye to the cardboard box, the Red Villé is now packaged in a self-supporting pocket ready to use
  • SUMMER LOOK - thanks to its new colorful design
  • NEW RECIPE - for even more flavor
  • CATEGORY - it changes from “spirits” to “intermediate product”
  • ALCOHOL - it is 17% vol alc instead of 15%
  • 100% FRUIT
  • SHORT CIRCUIT - in partnership with Pom d'Happy, producer of quality and local cider

How to appreciate it?

To serve: chilled, straight out of the refrigerator, between 6°C and 8°C. Serve Biercée Red Villée in a tall Broadway glass or a tall red wine glass filled with ice.

To savor: Biercée Red Villé can be enjoyed neat with a sprig of mint, a zest of lemon and a few ice cubes. You can also simply top it off with a little premium tonic and a few ice cubes.

150cl = +/- 12 cocktails

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Teneur en alcool: 17 % vol
Note de: Cranberry
Quand boire: Apéro and Cocktail
Type: Bartender and Cocktails
Conservation: Emballage fermé à conserver à l’abri de la lumière et à température ambiante (– de 40°C). Une fois l’emballage ouvert, la boisson se conserve maximum 3 semaines au réfrigérateur.
Pays de production: Belgique

Customer Reviews

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Claude Ducamp

Un apéro idéal pour faire la fête !
Petit bémol, cela se boit trop facilement 🤣🤣
C’est frais, c’est ensoleillé, c’est top !