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mule mug

mule mug

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Copper mule mug decorated with the Biercée Distillery logo.
Antique look, yet modern and elegant.

    • Capacity: 50cl
    • Height 9cm
    • Diameter 9cm
    • Weight: 215 g


Perfect for enjoying your favorite cocktail: the MULE.BE


    • 5 cl of Eau de Ville
    • 2 cl fresh lime juice
    • 15 cl of Ginger Beer
    • Ice cubes


    • Your Mug Mule


    • 2 slices of lime
    • You can add a sprig of mint


    • Fill with ice cubes
    • Pour in the lime juice and Eau de Ville
    • Add the Ginger Beer to the side of the Mule

Pro Tip

Pour the Ginger Beer on the side of the Mug Mule and not directly on the ice cubes to keep the cocktail sparkling.
The juice of half a lime = 2cl

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