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Mirabelle brandy 20cl

Mirabelle brandy 20cl

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All the delicacy of ripe fruit

Elegant and subtle, the 20cl Mirabelle plum Eau de Vie is made from fresh, fully ripe mirabelle plums. From the best mirabelle plums in Lorraine and meticulously selected by us.
The Mirabelle plums used in our distillery have an incomparable taste.

It is precisely this exceptional taste that will guide all the work of fermentation of the Mirabelle plums and their distillation. Our Master Distiller and his team will never stop bringing out the soul of these wonderful fruits in an eau-de-vie of the highest quality.

  • This is how our Mirabelle brandy is magnificently faithful to the aroma and taste of this beautiful little plum that is very popular with gourmets. You will appreciate it at the end of a meal, between gourmets, as the last note of an exquisite moment.

For more information, do not hesitate to visit our website: mirabelle - Distillerie de Biercée (

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Teneur en alcool: 43 % vol
Note de: Mirabelle
Quand boire: Digestif
Type: Eaux de vie
Conservation: à l’abri de la lumière et de la chaleur. Vous préférez savourer votre eau-de-vie plutôt fraîche ? Placez-la alors de préférence au réfrigérateur. Elle aura ainsi la température idéale pour vous offrir toute sa richesse organoleptique.
Pays de production: Belgique