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Horn Triple 75cl

Horn Triple 75cl

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La Corne Triple 75cl is a great tasting beer with a coppery blonde color. Very fragrant, impressive and easy to drink.

  • Blonde color
  • Aroma of flower fields

Thename of this beer originates from a legendary story of the Ardennes dating back to 1636.
A locality bears this name in the forest of Anlier, between Bastogne and Arlon, in the south of Belgium.

Thanks to the intimate knowledge of our land and its respect, we cultivate barley on our family farm. used in the production of our beers. Thanks to our brewing know-how and total control of the manufacturing process, we offer you 100% natural beers with character.

For more information, do not hesitate to visit our website: CORNE Triple - Brasserie des Légendes (

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    Arômes: Champs de fleurs
    Température de service: entre 8 et 12°C
    Pays de production: Belgique
    ATT: 93%
    IBU: 35
    EBC: 12
    Teneur en alcool: 10 % vol