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Goliath Triple 75cl package

Goliath Triple 75cl package

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This Goliath Triple 75cl Package includes:

  • 1 75 cl bottle of Goliath Triple
  • 2 Goliath glasses of 25cl

The Goliath Triple is a triple blonde with a balanced hop flavor and a prolonged bitter taste titrated at 9%.

A beautiful golden beer, with fruity aromas and notes of deep bitterness, the Goliath triple is brewed in the traditional way with the finest malts and hops. It is a source of vitality and strength that will delight the true beer connoisseur.

Elected best Walloon Belgian blond beer and one of the best Belgian triple beers by the professional magazine Vino.

Disponible a l'envoi

- Les packs: 6x33cl

Disponible pour enlèvement

- Les clips: 4x33cl
- Les packs: 6x33cl
- Les casiers: 12 ou 24x33cl

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Teneur en alcool: 9 % vol
EBC: 12
IBU: 40
ATT: 95%
Pays de production: Belgique
Arôme: Fruitée et relevée, ronde dans la bouche